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Expanding your imagination
Professional artists and designers use paper-feel screen proterctor to improve precision and detail when drawing, writing, and painting on their iPad; Our iPad screen protector brings the natural feel and resistance of paper to your iPad display for long drawing sessions, smooth lines, and perfect accuracy.

Taking notes just like a pro:
Thousands of college students, business professionals, and productivity experts use Penoval paper-feel screen protectors to take notes with unparalleled precision; By adding friction and resistance to the iPad glass, Penoval delivers a true paper feel that makes note-taking an easy job.

Outstanding Features:
• Writing Smoothly Like On Paper
• Anti-Glare
• Anti-Fingerprint
• Anti-Scratch
• Pen Tip Wear Reduction

Paper-Feel | Bubble Free | Anti-Glare

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Tips for Screen Protector

How to Remove a Screen Protector:

  • If you need to remove a screen protector from your iPad, follow these steps:
  • Use a plastic card or scraper to gently lift one corner of the screen protector.
  • Slowly peel the screen protector off the screen.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean any adhesive residue from the screen.

How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector:
Air bubbles can be frustrating when applying a screen protector. Here's how to get rid of them:

  • Use a credit card or scraper to push the air bubbles towards the edge of the screen protector.
  • If the air bubbles are still present, use a small pin to gently prick the bubble and then smooth it out with a credit card or scraper.
  • If the bubble is large, you may need to remove the screen protector and start over.


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