Paperlike iPad Screen Protector (Magnetic) - iPad Pro 11" / iPad Air 5/4

COMPATIBILITY - iPad Pro 11 inch (2022/2021/2020/2018), iPad Air 5th Generation (2022, 10.9 inch), and iPad Air 4th Generation (2020, 10.9 inch). 
HIGHLY SENSITIVE WITH PAPERFEEL TEXTURE - Experience the ultimate precision and control with our highly sensitive screen protector. The paperfeel texture provides a natural and comfortable writing experience, perfect for transforming it into a digital canvas or notebook. With this screen protector, you can unleash your creativity and take your artwork to the next level.

  • FLEXIBLE MAGNETIC DESIGN - Our convenient magnetic design allows for quick and easy installation and cleaning of your screen protector. With just a snap, you can attach or detach the protector, making it a hassle-free process. Keep your device looking like new and enjoy the convenience of our magnetic screen protector.
  • ANTI GLARE - Our screen protector is equipped with anti-glare technology that effectively reduces eye strain and fatigue caused by blue light. This allows you to use your device for extended periods without feeling the strain on your eyes. Protect your eyes and enhance your viewing experience with our anti-glare screen protector.
  • STRONG WEAR RESISTANCE - The surface of our protector has undergone a special AG sandblasting process, providing strong wear resistance and reducing wear and tear on your device. Compared to traditional paper-like screens, it is less likely to wear down your iPad stylus tip, making it more durable for long-term use.
  • WHAT YOU GET - 1.eiP Magnetic screen protector 2.Magnetic cleaning cloth helps you clean and detach the screen with no efforts. 3.The storage container for the protector offers a practical solution for storing it when not in use, providing convenience and easy access whenever you need to write on your device.


Magnetic | Paperfeel | Matte

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Best iPad Screen Protector in 2023

Compatible with iPad Pro 11 inch (2022/2021/2020/2018), iPad Air 5th Generation (2022, 10.9 inch), and iPad Air 4th Generation (2020, 10.9 inch)



iPad screen protector

ipad screen protector

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Why do iPad users need a paperlike screen protector?

iPad users can enhance their note-taking and sketching experience with our eiP Paperlike Screen Protector. Its paper-like texture provides a natural and comfortable writing experience while also protecting the iPad from scratches and smudges. The screen protector is highly sensitive and offers ultimate precision and control. Its flexible magnetic design allows for easy installation and cleaning, while the anti-glare technology reduces eye strain and fatigue. Moreover, the strong wear resistance ensures long-term durability. Compatible with iPad 9th/8th/7th gen, iPad Pro 11", iPad Air 5/4, and iPad 10th 10.9". Get the eiP Paperlike Screen Protector for an unparalleled digital writing and drawing experience.

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