EIP Magnetix iPad Keyboard Case

🧲 MAGNETIC DETACHABLE KEYBOARD: The eiP iPad keyboard case securely attaches using a strong magnetic strip. You can detach and store the keyboard separately, leaving the case and back stand. This setup allows you to place the iPad on your lap for reading, watching videos, or drawing. Switching between iPad and Laptop modes becomes effortless.
📐 180° FLIPPING STAND: Enjoy unrestricted angles with an adjustable stand from 0° to 180°. No worries about uneven surfaces – find your ideal viewing angle for ultimate comfort.
🛡 ENHANCED PROTECTION: The case features enhanced protection with its shock-absorbing frame and durable exterior, providing peace of mind for those who frequently travel with their device.
🖐 MULTI-TRACKPAD & GESTURES: Boost productivity with the iPad keyboard featuring a precision trackpad and multi-touch gesture support. Utilize iPadOS gestures for easy access to your device's features and enhance your workflow. Its sleek design is perfect for on-the-go use, and with a long-lasting battery, you can work and create with ease.
eiP Detachable | 180° Adjustable | Trackpad

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