Looking for a budget-friendly iPad accessories to enhance your iPad experience?

Want to elevate your iPad experience with these must-try, wallet-friendly accessories? In today's digital age, iPad have become indispensable tools for work, entertainment, and creativity. To take full advantage of iPad's capabilities, the right accessories can significantly enhance the overall experience. And also some people have been thinking whether it can truly replace a MacBook. However, when you consider the cost of iPad and its necessary accessories such as an Apple Pencil 2 and Bluetooth keyboard, the total amount surprisingly comes around $1200.That is exactly what makes people wonder whether they should buy iPad Pro with all the necessary accessories or just buy a MacBook after all. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a range of budget-friendly iPad accessories that can unlock new possibilities for your device. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply an iPad enthusiast, these accessories will surely elevate your iPad experience.

Which is the best choice for your iPad accessories ?

The OEM iPad accessories or budget-friendly third-party accessories? This is a common dilemma that most people encounter when after buying a tablet. In the context of brand loyalty, people often believe that OEM accessories can provide the best and optimal user experience. However, are the high prices within everyone’s budget? Given that you spent $130 to purchase an Apple Pencil 3, are you fully utilizing all of its functionalities? Does the lower-cost of third-party accessories automatically imply  lower quality? Without trying them, how can we be certain that third-party accessories of poor quality? Perhaps that can also offer a user experience that exceeds expectations.

Choose accessories that fit budget while meet needs

There are many third-party iPad accessories in the market, so  how do we choose the most suitable ones? Take a stylus for example. First, we need to determine what we want. Are you looking for the cheapest stylus that fulfills basic functions, or one with tilt sensitivity, palm rejection, or even has wireless charging capabilities? These factor will play a critical role when you selecting a stylus. Same as other accessories , it is widely believed that a good Bluetooth keyboard should come with a sensitive trackpad. With our requirements for accessories increase, the cost will also rise accordingly. Therefore, by first clarifying your needs and budget before making a choice, so that you can efficiently find the products that best suit you. 

The Mighty Stylus- A Pen that transforms Your iPad

When most people choose a stylus, beside considering the price, they may also take into account whether it has some special features, such as tilt sensitive and palm rejection. But recently, a stylus that equipped with wireless charging have gained more attention in the market. People believe that a stylus with wireless charging can bring them more convenience in their work. In fact, it seems to be ture...

Having a stylus withe wireless charging allows you to unleash your creativity anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, not every brand's stylus comes with a wireless charging due to cost considerations. However, now eiP has introduced a stylus that is relatively introduction to the latest eiP Pencil Pro. 

eiP Pencil Pro


eiP Pencil Pro eiP Pencil ProeiP Pencil Pro

1. Magnetic Wireless Charging

  • iPad Pro 12-9 inch (3rd-6th)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st-4th)
  • iPad Air (4th-5th)
  • iPad mini 6th

2. Cable Charging

  • iPad Air 3rd
  • iPad (6th-10th)
  • iPad mini 5th

3. Sustainable Use for 12 hours

4. Palm Rejection

5. Tilt Sensitivity 

The inclusion of both magnetic wireless charging and cable charging ensures convenience and flexibility for users. The impressive sustainable battery life up to 12 hours allows for extended creative sessions without interruption. Moreover, essential features like palm rejection and tilt sensitivity enhance precision and usability, catering to diverse range of artistic and professional needs. While cost considerations hinders the inclusion of wireless charging in every brand, eiP has taken significant step by introducing an economically viable stylus that boasts wireless charging functionality.

The Game Change Product- $130 Bluetooth Keyboard

With the advancement of technology, iPad are capable of delivering higher levels of work efficiency, and people are also enhancing their productivity through various types of iPad accessories. One of these accessories is the Bluetooth keyboard. When individuals are selecting a keyboard, there considerations go beyond mere pricing. Alongside the cost, factors such as specials functionalities, ergonomic design, and compatibility play a significant role in the decision-making process.

Although there are numerous keyboard brands available in the market, not all of them perform equally well. One crucial aspect that people highly prioritize is the performance of trackpad. As individuals who purchase keyboard seek to achieve work efficiency comparable to using a laptop, the trackpad plays a pivotal role. Therefore, whether a keyboard is worth purchasing often hinges on the quality of its trackpad performance. So, now I want to introduce a keyboard that have an excellent trackpad performance and it even received a rating 4.9 stars on Amazon.

eiP iPad Keyboard case

eiP iPad Keyboard caseeiP iPad Keyboard case

eiP iPad Keyboard caseeiP iPad Keyboard case

1. Magnetic Stand

2. Enhanced Protection

3.Multi- Trackpad & Gestures

  • Multitasking with three fingers
  • Go scroll through with two fingers
  • Consistently smooth, no jitteriness whatsoever

4. 500hr Longstand Battery 

5. 7-Color Backlight Keyboard& Shortcuts

6. Compatible iPad Models

  • iPad Pro 12.0 inch (3rd-6th)
  • iPad Pro 11 inch (1st-4th)
  • iPad Air (4th-5th)

While a multitude of keyboard brands flood the market, not all exhibit equal performance. A pivotal aspect that garners significant attention is the trackpad's performance. As keyboard purchasers aim to replicate the productivity of laptops, the trackpad's role becomes pivotal. Thus, the decision of whether a keyboard is worth investing in frequently rests upon the quality of its trackpad performance.

In a world where seamless productivity is paramount, the eiP iPad Keyboard case emerges as a reliable companion, bridging the gap between functionality and innovation, while its stellar trackpad performance propels your work efficiency to new heights.

Your Gateway to Digital Excellence- Paperlike Screen Protector

What is the purpose of your tablet usage? Is it for watching videos or for learning? Or perhaps it severs as your drawing tool? In fact, the choice of the screen protector based on the tablet's usage. If you use it for learning and drawing, you might need a Paperlike screen protector that provides you with a great writing experience, but this could potentially affect your video-watching experience. If your primary use is watching videos you can opt for a regular screen protector to maintain your viewing experience. However, is there really no way ti achieve the best of both worlds? A solution that allows you to have an excellent writing experience and video-watching experience simultaneously ?

Perhaps this magnetic Paperlike screen protector can offer you an entirely new experience! With its feature of easy attachment and detachment through magnets, you can adjust it according to your usage. This ensures that you have an exceptional user experience in every scenario. When you need to take notes or draw, simply attach it magnetically, and when it's time to unwind and watch a video, easily detach the screen protector to enjoy an excellent viewing experience !

eiP Magnetic Paperlike Screen Protector 

eiP Mag paperlike screen protectoreiP Mag paperlike screen protectoreiP Mag paperlike screen protector

1. Magnetic Attachment 

2. High sensitivity with Paperlike Textur

3. Protection and Durability 

4. Privacy and Anti-Glare Benefits 


With the increasing demand for tablets among public, how to choosing the right products that meet one's without break the bank, amidst OEM and various third-party brands has become a common challenge. Does a lower-priced third-party brand necessarily mean lower quality? Maybe we can think about this question together. Perhaps, before actually using them, we can't provide a definitive conclusion.

In this article, we also introduce three highly regarded and well-received essential iPad accessories on the market. Hopefully, though such an introduction, we can dispel the misconception that lower-priced third-party brand accessories  must be of inferior quality.


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