About eiP

With the abundance of iPad accessories on the market, the quality can vary greatly. eiP team consists of highly experienced iPad users who are dedicated to researching and selecting truly useful and high-quality iPad accessories. While Apple's original products are of good quality, why not save money and purchase similar-quality products for one-third of the price? By choosing eiP, you can be assured of both quality and affordability, making it an attractive option for consumers.


What is eiP?

A brand estabilished in 2023, dedicated to providing the best accessories for iPads, Chromebooks and all the other tablets.

What does eiP stand for?

Essentials of Intelligent Products

Essentials of iPad


What does eiP provide?

Best selection for your iPads, including eiP stylus for iPad, magnetic iPad Keyboard case, magnetic paperfeel screen protector and many more.

  1. eiP Pencil : Palm rejection, long battery life, magnetic absorption…
  2. eiP Pencil Pro : Magnetic wireless charging, palm rejection, battery indicator…
  3. eiP Magnetic Keyboard Case : Magnetic stand, enhanced protection, 500hr longstand battery, multi-trackpad.
  4. eiP Magnetic Paperfeel Screen Protector : Paperfeel texture, flexible magnetic, anti-glare, wear resistance.
  5. eiP nibs cover : OEM design, non-slip and highly sensitive, elastic silicone, easy to install.


Why choose eiP?

  • eiP provides high-quality and affordable iPad accessories.

  • eiP offers a variety of accessories, including stylus pens, keyboard cases, and screen protectors.
  • Consumers can save money without sacrificing quality by choosing eiP over Apple's original products or other brands.
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