eiP iPad Mag. Keyboard Case (Hinged)

eiP iPad Mag. Keyboard Case (Hinged)

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How to connect iPad to keyboard case?

A Discover how to easily connect your iPad to eiP keyboard case. Simply turn on the keyboard and press Fn + B button. Find the keyboard in Settings ➞ Bluetooth and choose "Wireless Keyboard".

How to switch between 7-Level Backlight:

Press to switch brightness(4 stages).

Press   to change colors(7 colors).

Q How to deactivate trackpad?


Deactivate Trackpad:

Press Fn + Space to conveniently deactivate the trackpad, ensuring uninterrupted typing without accidental cursor movements. Say goodbye to distractions and enjoy seamless typing with our keyboard.

Shortcut Buttons & Trackpad Gestures:

Take control of iPad's shortcuts with ease using + Shortcut buttons. Unlock a world of functionality at your fingertips. From quick access to multimedia controls to productivity shortcuts, our keyboard empowers you to accomplish tasks effortlessly.


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